Where to stay in Khao Lak ?

I m planning to come to Khao Lak in Feb 2021 and I m looking for a design hotel directly at the beach but it should be in walking distance to some nightlife, restaurants and massage shops. If the hotel has rooms with private pool would be great but is not a must have.

Thank you looking forward for your answers

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Hi Alexander,

I would say the most outstanding design hotel in Khao Lak are

Devasom at Khuk Khak Beach

The Sarojin at White Sand Beach

Kalima at South Beach

Bangsak Village at Bangsak Beach

but all of them aren’t in walking distance of Khao Lak City. Can’t tell you if these hotels have rooms with private pool or not.

Enjoy your stay in Khao Lak you will like it.


Answered on August 1, 2020.
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